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Holy Cow!! Thanks so much! My flyball captain will finally be jealous of my socks. ;)

I've never gone to the Parrothead gatherings here in Cinci, but I understand this area is inexplicably legendary for Buffett-mania.


Wow... I just checked your blog and saw my name there!! I'm very excited about winning the contest. Thank you very much. You rock! I'll send you an email with my mailing address. :-)


Awww what cute kids. So how much does Banjo weigh now? Sorry Banjo too personal of a question?

Looks like a wonderfully hot time.

Lizzy B

Looks like you had a great time Shell!

Kirk will approve of the comment you picked! :)

Give Banjo and Marley some love for me. And how's that Piper doing is she still being reclusive?

Shannon Walker

Damn! I never win!


Great concert photos! Poor guy, hope he's not some exec in a big company hehe.


Knock! Knock! Knock!

Is this thing on?

Is there anybody in there?

Where are you Shelley? Did Davey boy abduct you? If so, I want details!


Love the pictures-- seeing them for about the 20th time. Get bloggin', Baby!!! (said with only the greatest love and respect.(hope to see you soon)


It was good to hear from you and know that you're still among the living. And... the hint that you might start blogging again. YAY - I've got my fingers crossed.

Are you still knitting? How are the "kids"?

Time blog again, girl!


You still out there, somewhere, Shelley? I haven't had a Banjo/Marley fix in far, far too long, and Chappy wants to know how his friends are doing!


Those two puppy dogs in the last picture stole my heart! How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dena suggested I could track you down through your blog. Ended up getting a spinning wheel lately; wanted to get in touch with you just to chat about fibery things.

Are you going to MD Sheep and Wool in a couple months?

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