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OMG ... Banjo is so big now! He looks like the big brother instead! I love the picture of all the cuties behind the windowpane! All of them are so handsome/beautiful!


"Corn Kung-Fu? Um, I don't think so."

I love the photo of all 4 dogs behind the window too - wonderful!

Lizzy B

Yep, that pretty much sums it up better than I could have.

I had a blast having you guys over! Max misses his girlfriend and Banjo. Max and Banjo really are so freakin' cute together!


Oh boy, that picture? Absolutely hilarious! I wouldn't even know where to begin with the caption--and I was there!

Chappy and I really had a great time, and Banjo is so darn adorable, when he's not doing his impression of the Flash. And Marley is such a nice little JRT . . . except, of course, when snapping at my dog just because SHE was tired. But still, I loved her anyway!

How long is it until Rhinebeck??


Okay, I've got one:

"That Liz! Does she really think she can cook those ears of corn just by willpower?"


"Hmm, 'Corn Ears before Dinner' may be a real yoga pose, but she still looks awfully tense to me."

crazy for yarn in alabama:  Darlene

The pic of dogs behind the glass door is a GREAT shot!!

Hmmm....the captions that come to mind are not printworthy! LOL


For the caption, think of the Ogre in Shrek:

"Get in mah belleeee"

Love the picture of the dogs by the window. How cute!!


Liz: And this is how you block lace.

Deb: I don't think so....

Lizzy B

Hehehehehehehe... Dude, Joanne that rocks! :)

That would SO be my hubby's favorite caption! :)

crazy for yarn in alabama:  Darlene

Good Lawd...where's the off switch on them thangs!!!!


Liz: (Thinking to herself)...I hope shelley does not turn this picture into a contest on her website...

Deb: (Thinking to herself) ...I know what shelley should do!...



I'm so jealous of your guys fun! I wish Abner and I could have partook in all the festivities.

The dogs look like they had an absolute blast.

Caption: "Confucious (totally spelled wrong I know) says the one who uses corn as weapon shall never go hungry"


I know it's too late, but I have a caption:

I so can NOT knit with these!

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