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Happy Birthday!

Puppies are so hyper aren't they? I never remember my guys being that way but they are...just like kids really!

Don't you just love the MDK book? It's awesome!!


happy birthday! :)

and watch out for MDK - you think you're just starting "one little project"...


I hope that Banjo was at least tired for the ride home!

Lizzy B

Ah, my favorite puppy. When is Banjo coming to meet his other cousins, Ivan and Calvin? :) Happy Birthday! I'm a bad friend and didn't call you on the day. Sorry! Ah, the MDK book. It's a slippery slope. :)


Oh my gosh, did you see that Sid Barrett died? :-(


Aw, happy birthday!

The "blur of fur?" That was Chappy and Horatio when they were puppies. Cindy and I would meet for a walk in the park and it would take us half an hour to get 10 feet because those two maniacs were so busy wrestling we couldn't get them to MOVE!

And, I remember that just before I got Chappy, I was looking back at some puppy video from Katy, just staring at the screen thinking, "I forgot how much work puppies are," and wondering what I was getting myself into. They're totally worth it, though AND they outgrow the manic stage a lot faster than little humans, and meantime, yeah, darn cute!

Chappy and I are looking forward to meeting your fur kids in a few weeks. (I mean, I ASSUME we're meeting them....)


OH goodness! Pups are a lot of work, but they do bring so much fun, entertainment and joy too. Sorry about all the flooding, wich you could send some of that water our way, every time they predict rain, we get sun!


Happy Birthday!
Puppies really keep you busy but they're just so darn cute! Marley must have really enjoyed her rest.

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