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Jenny Raye

Boy, is he intent! Love the last photo--puppies, gotta love 'em, it's impossible not to.


so cute! he is a natural (as if we had any question). :)

Love the last one, too. :)

Lizzy B

Aww... I'm not surprised at all that he did great. :)

Sorry to hear about your mirror. I'm just glad you and Jeff and the kids weren't hurt. The car can be fixed.

Give that sweet pup a kiss and snuggle from me!


Can I just say that yes, yes, Banjo is way cute, but your haircut is even more so?! Looks great!


I just love your action shots! I can never get photos of Chappy like that. Banjo looks like he had a WONDERFUL time--I can't wait to meet him and Marley.

Oh, and sorry to hear about your mirror . . . it could have been worse, though. (That's me, always looking on the bright side...)


I am glad to know that Marley and Banjo get along well ... sometimes I am worried that Marley would be a bit jealous, no? :)


Elvis had the chance to try chasing the lure once. He realized right away it was a bad bet. ;)


Yeah Banjo! I don't know how you couldn't be in love with that face. It'd be nearly impossible.


That last photo is priceless!

Sorry to hear about the car...but the Marley and Banjo love have to make you feel good!

Janice in GA

I followed the link from Rachel's blog here. I see you're enjoying lovely Aussie puppy lusciousness! I'm jealous. :)

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