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Whoa! AD must be getting soft. Way to go! Banjo is very cute.

Lizzy B

Well, I already congratulated you on the raise, and we had SUCH a great time on Wednesday! Max really had a blast with Banjo!

How's his leg? All better?


My dad has taken Morgen out in his kayak on the little lake behind his house, but she hasn't tried to jump in yet. Sounds like your two are a little more adventurous!


Oh, congratulations!!


Congratulatiosn on your big raise! I'm sure you fully deserved it.

Now Marley and Banjo can have those biscuits afterall. :-)

Banjo is so cute, but you know that alligator on the pool behind you in the picture, looked actually real!

Have a great weekend. Hope the pups get in lots of swimming.


Good for YOU!!! Money is always welcome in my life, and I'm sure you'll find good use for it as well. By the way, I'm glad you've got enough time to enjoy that beautiful back yard of yours.


Congratulations on that much-deserved raise! I'm so happy for you!

Banjo is very adorable!


Ooooh... more yarn money! Wahoo.


WOW -- congrats!! it's great that they realize what a rock star you are. :)


Congratulations! That raise will buy lots more chew toys. :)

I got to cuddle a 9-week old Briard pup last night. I didn't help my puppy fever. Just made me want a puppy even more.


Hi Shell... I'm so proud of you. From reading your blog these many months, I know how hard you work and what long hours you put in, so I know how much you deserve it. Saying "Shine On" sounds almost redundant!

Sorry, I've been out of touch, but I've been under the weather, which stinks. I'll stay in better touch in the future.

The puppies are soooo cute!


Just from the descriptions of your work life on the blog I knew you deserved a humongo raise. Congratulations, I hope you buy lots of fiber,yarn and doggie treats!


Time to blog again, my friend!!!

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