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they are both so cute! I'm so happy to see how well Marley is taking to her little brother. :)

I never get enough of the dogs (and sometimes cat) sleeping together in my house and I love those pictures of them napping together!

[oh and the sock looks great too! ;) ]

Lizzy B

Heh, I'm glad you clarified that statement. I was gonna say Marley totally dog snuggly at least when I've seen her! :) I didn't realize Max was an exception!

Ok, I got a little teary at the sheer cuteness of those 2 snoozin' on the couch together! Tomorrow we'll see how the trio of brown/red and white do! I can't wait! :)


Oh boy oh boy oh boy . . . those pictures are just too CUTE!!! Very snugalicious, indeed!

And, you're very welcome for the card and the poem--I'm glad the poem, at least, had its timing right (grin).


The sock is pretty but the babies are just killing me!! They're so cute!!

The picture of Marley sleeping on Banjo is ADORABLE!!!! The sock looks really nice, too :)


Um, I forgot to enter my info on that last comment ... d'oh!!! I'm such a dork ...


my toby started liking my willow right awya, but has always been a tad irritated by her. Getting a puppy is always best. Now a year later he regulalary will lay down next to her with their butts touching.. its so cute!@


that is too cute for words. I can't believe I missed seeing the fuzz-ball... you'll have to warn me next time you're bringing him to the shop! :)


Adorable. (And the sock is nice too!)


Oh how very sweet, I'm so glad your kids are getting along so well. But how is the third member of the family coping? You know your kitty, which for the life of me I can't remember his name. Piper?

I just want to pick both Banjo and Marley up and cuddle them.


Hey - any time puppies sleep is quality time for the dog-mom!

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