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Hope your car is OK. We had storms tonight too but I'm safe and sound in my basement apt.

Banjo is cuter every day!

BTW - they finally posted the points from our last tourney. 962! For one team! Pearl's 540 away from her FGDCH.


my dogs never liked the crate, well atleast not till 2 years when they randomly start sleeping in it. I must do sometihng wrong, I never fed them in it, maybe that was the problem!


I never thought I'd see a dog cool down that way, not even in photos! Banjo certainly loves water. Hope your back feels a lot better soon.


This is just TOO weird. I was in the hospital for 3 days last week because of my back - a recurring old back injury that suddenly got worse. I have an appointment today to find out if I need back surgery. I hope that you got more knitting done than I did.

Lizzy B

Oh No! Is your car ok? I'm so glad no one was hurt during the storm.

Thanks again for having us over! We had a BALL! I do dearly love that Banjo Boy.


He does seem to enjoy that beer coole . . . um . . . I mean, POOL!

Hope your car's okay. We had a thunderstorm roll through here around 6:30 last night and it POURED for about 5 minutes, and then rained for hours. Only small branches came down that I saw, though. (Oh, and that trying to get the puppy to go to the bathroom in the pouring rain? Why do you think Chappy has a little roof? Although, it sounds like he was having fun...Chappy doesn't mind rain, but he does not like drenching, hard rain. Especially when going to the bathroom. I can't say I blame him!)

Hope your back feels better, too!


Oh what sweetness! Max just knows the AC is down at home and was soaking it all in I'm sure.

Carol Ann

I've heard of a lot of weird things but hurting your back while sleeping...are u sure your not just trying to get a Spa massage out of it? :-> You know I know back pain so I hope it gets better. If not, I guess I'll just have to take you to the spa myself!

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