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Uh Oh. I hate frogging. The stitching is beautiful though... and Marley is as adorable as ever.

Lizzy B

Sounds like you need to get Scuba certified Shelly! Then you can just swim under that current and tide! :) Ah, sleeve island is hard to escape isn't it?

Marley seems happier with the shorter sleeve though. We can see her much better through it! :)


wooo hoooo is right! i'm so glad that Virginia managed to stay just a little bit blue...

and that re-ripped sleeve looks like the perfect length for a doggie sweater... ;)


Yeah, I'm on double-sleeve island right now, myself. Why DO sleeves seem to take so long?? (grin)


Oh, Marley is such a great help! LOL! But good luck for the sleeves.


Last year around here the mud-slinging got so bad in one of the races there are never several lawsuits filed between the two candidates in the Courts here in our county and the county to the South. It's ridiculous.

Awww that poor sleeve, whatever did it do to you. No wait, don't asnwer that. I agree with Lizzy though, the ripped back sleeve sure makes Marley appear better!

Hey but just think of the value your getting with that yarn, you get to knit with it not once, not twice, but at least 3 times! Now that's vaule per yardage. Just trying to look at the bright side.

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