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Wow, Marley, you're so lucky! But you deserve it for being so cool and winning that race. Abner must have REALLY thought so too, to be able to give up those amazing treats. (I thought about sending some myself, but they smelled so good, I had to, um, sample them to make sure they were okay, and by the time I'd tested them . . . um . . . they were delicious, by the way. You would have loved them.) Oh, and that picture of you sniffing the lunch box? You look really pretty (blush). --Chappy.

Lizzy B

Hmmm, Marley, do you think we could share a bagel or two on Saturday? I share food quite well, honest. I'm looking forward to meeting you and Piper this weeekend!

-Maximillian aka Max


It's so not fair, Max and Marley together, Abner will be so jealous!

I'm glad Marley is enjoying his treats. Abner will be glad to know that.


That is one happy puppy. Marley and Piper are adorable.


Marley is one little lucky dog ... both Marley and Abner are adorable blog dogs!


Now that's one really happy lucky dog!

I love the picture of Marley sniffing the lunchbox with one paw raised.

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