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Lizzy B

Oh Shelley!!!! You truly captured our day together perfectly! I was wondering why I felt so tired all of a sudden that night and when I finally got on 295 I looked at the clock!!!!! Time flew by and I had such a great time. I'm totally in love with Marley and Max was thrilled to play and guard with Marley. :) They really are cute together, and that last picture really is what we were like most of the day! :)


Oh, nice!! I don't think I'll tell Chappy, though (although I think he browses the Net while I'm at work--what ELSE could he possibly be doing?) It sounds (and looks) like great fun. And frankly, I'm a little jealous about the spinning!


Woof! You and your Moms look like you had so much fun!! I hope my Mom doesn't see this, though (I think she reads blogs at work), because she'd be really jealous about the spinning . . . Oops! I hear Grandma coming home from the grocery store, gotta go!


Oh I'm so happy you guys had so much fun, if only I lived on the East Coast :-(

Thanks for posting pictures right away, I've been dying all weekend to know how your meet and greet went.


How cool is that? ... y'all look like you had a great time. The pups look quite content as well.


What a fun day. Note to self, visit DC soon.

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