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I feel your pain. I've got a number of projects on the needles that will take some thinking before I get back to them: Orange Poetry in Stitches pullover, Jo Sharp Tashkent cardigan, Rowan's Audrey, Color on Color scarf from Scarf Style, Dale's Kashmir. I could go on, but these are the biggies. And why did I put these down? All but Audrey are from classes I taught, and knit along with the students. When the class was finished, I moved on to the next thing. I need some quality finishing time.

Good for you for getting back to your project, which is beautiful by the way. You're an inspiration. I need to be like Shell. I want to be jammin', too!


Oh I hate sleeve island. But Marley sure looks cute on it. I made a list of all the projects I need to clean up, it's 22 projects long. Sigh. It's a hobby right.


And after sleeve island, it's off to finishing archipelago, so named because almost finished knits gather in groups and become a permanent geologic feature. At least in my house. Until a tsunami of guilt propels the knitter into altering the landscape and plucking some of the islands from their isolation and turns them into true FOs.

I've been doing too much finishing...

Lizzy B

hehehe, I too was on Sleeve Island recently, but have moved on to Body Bay. I did my sleeves first since it is my least favorite part of knitting a sweater. :)


I think that my favorite knit this year (and last, it been a long time in the making) has been the Must Have Cardigan. Sure I've cursed it a time or two, but my favorite nonetheless. I still have to finish sewing it up, maybe by the time you are ready to sew up I will too. Maybe. You have such a great knitting companion in Marley, maybe you could teach her to knit and get off sleeve island quicker!


Your must have sleeve looks flawless! And I can completely relate with the siren song of a good aran right now... my half finished St. Brigid is waiting for me patiently until I've finished my Christmas knitting. After reading your post, I'm not sure I'm going to make it to January...

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