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The hat is very cute, but I completely udnerstand what you mean about being upset when the yarn doesn't pool, I love pooling yarn, maybe because it reminds me a holstein cow markings. Anyway, the hat is very nice regardless. And you kinda match Marley now.

Have a good day.

Lizzy B

Hmmm, I think it looks really neat on you! But I can see wht you mean. I could do the green but the orange? I would look ill. :) You look really cute in it!

The "to pool" or "to stripe" issue is one of the most interesting with a variegated yarn. Which will it be? It's always interesting seeing what a yarn decides to do when it is knit up... :)


Kathy at HSH is fabulous -- and so are her rovings. I'm lusting after Pimentos and Olives myself.

I think the hat looks great on you!


Cute hat! What are you and Marley doing this weekend (12/10 - 12/11)?

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