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Lizzy B

Oh my goodness! Banjo is TOO funny! That water face is hysterical!!!! :)

Ok, so when will Banjo be non-contagious? I would love to bring Max to meet his new cousin! :)


I'm sorry to hear he's been under the weather (but glad he's on the mend). . . and, ohmigod, that hose picture really IS hilarious!

And, so I gather you're not following Cesar's advice not to give affection to a new dog for the first two weeks while it learns who's in charge?? (Good choice--I wouldn't be able to, either. The man can't be right about EVERYTHING.)


The picture with the hose is funny. Thanks for my morning laugh!


LOVE the water face!! Sleepy Banjo is adorable, too. Are you just lovin' the puppy smell or what?


Sooooo cute! Glad to see Marley's sharing her throne with Banjo. I hope he feels all better soon!


Puppy pictures are great--post them any time. I love the water hose face! I'm sorry to hear he's not 100%; I hope he is better soon.

How nice that he and Marley are getting along well.


Oh my goodness, what is it about water that makes dogs (well some dogs) go insane. Of course now the attorney down the hall from me, thinks I'm insane because I was laughing so hard at that picture.

by the way if you don't post puppy pictures often I'm going to come out there and stalk you for them!


I love the Water Demon puppy! He's a doll and I'm glad he's feeling better!


You should really consider sending that pic to Cutoe Overload.


Wow. That one picture is just downright scary! Congrats on your new puppy-- hope all canines are feeling better (and their humans as well.)


What a sweet little pup.


Oh what a cutie. He looks like a lot of fun.

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