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The yarn is so pretty! Isn't Jaywalking such fun?! =)

Lizzy B

It's gorgeous! I might have to join the stampede too!


Crossing all those streets against the light -- you could get into trouble. Nah, there are so many of us doing the same that it's impossible to catch us!

Looks great in that color too.



I don't know what's happened to our Moms, but I think they're going a little overboard with the whole embarassing-picture thing, don't you? (My Mom posted pictures of me naked in the bathtub the other day!) I don't know what we can do about it, but they need to be stopped. Do you think we can hide the cameras? Because, I really don't think I can turn down the cuteness level.

With sympathies,



I'm going to start my Jaywalkers this weekend...yours are so gorgeous!

You'll never guess who brought the picture of D.G. to work today, along with knitter's graph paper. ;-) I'll be starting to play with the pattern over lunch!! I'll keep you posted.


Marley, don't succomb, it's evil, pure evil. I will not let my mother knit that sock, no matter what, everyone else is doing it, I think if she knits it too pretty soon she'll run off with a yarn salesman and leave dad and I to fend for ourselves, and Basil might try to fly after her, it would be just awful. Plus, if she leaves 75% of my treats will go with her. Get the sock Marley and hide it.

Love Abner


They look great. Love the colors, they're perfect for Jaywalkers.


Marley, You've just gotta take a stand and say no. Scarves are as much as I'll tolerate and I suggest you draw the line there too.

Your friend,


Nice! But I read from other blogs that the pattern eats up yarns. Make sure you have enough.
I always amazed at how cooperative Marley is for the photo shots! She is just too cute.


Craziness I tell you! Actually, I'm on my seventh pair, but who's counting! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. The sock looks great.


Ooh, that's such great yarn! What is it?

I want a maid too. I rilly rilly want a maid. I actually set myself some health and fitness goals for the year, and I think if I achieve them, then a housecleaning service is going to be my reward. :)

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